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Cuba is the gem of the Antilles in terms of sport fishing. Factors contributing to its spectacular reputation include the deep river-basins and fields of the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the straits of Florida and the the Bahamas which serve as ecological barriers for the distribution and migration of many fish. Major ocean currents connect with the routes of the oceanic and migratory species that unite on the rich "ictiofauna" of its insular platform, offering a panorama where more than a thousand species can appear. recommends
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Fishing Methods in Cuba
  • Fly Fishing: Artificial bait is used. Fishing takes place in shallow crystal clear waters (up to 30 cms). This type of fishing can be done in areas of the Cienaga de Zapata, Matanzas province.
  • Spinning: It takes place in waters with an average depth of 3 meters, depending on the characteristics of the fish being pursued. The lures or baits tend to be larger and showy. The reels are up 300 yards of line.
  • Light Tackle: It takes place in deeper waters where the boat is anchored. The hook is added extra weight to achieve down the line smoothly. The lures are imitations of small fish. It takes patience to catch a fish of good size.
  • Deep Sea Fishing : This type of fishing requires more advanced equipment. You can use real bait or artificial lures, and also can accommodate multiple hooks. This type of fishing is most common in Cuba. There are basically two types of deep sea fishing: 1) The "Trolling" is to keep the boat at a constant speed of 6 knots. The lines carry shallow. 2). Bottom Fishing, is when the boat stops in deep water. The hooks are loaded with "downriggers," which are some lures that make lead line 200 feet down quickly.
General regulations for the practice of Sport Fishing in Cuba
  • For any type of sport and recreational fishing is imperative that customers carry the passport to make the Fishing Permit or Fishing License.
  • Customers will be informed about the Regulation of Fisheries and other details by specialized personnel.
Most Common Species
  • Fly Fishing: Macabi, Palometa, Barracuda, Róbalo, Sábalo.
  • Deep Sea Fishing : Marlin, Castero, Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo, Barracuda, Sierra, Cubera.