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With an insular shelf that reaches continental dimensions, CUBA diving is one of the most attractive scenery in the Caribbean. At 70 000 square kilometers, under predominantly warm and calm water, supported by the protection of coral reef and the surrounding cays, unusual treasures of shapes and colors enliven the Cuban underwater world, paradise of untouched nature in the shelter of the warm sea that embraces the Island.

In the Cuban insular shelf stand approximately 3 400 km of coral front, which emerges in many places to create the “coral ridge” or "head" , real privileges for scuba divers. In these landscapes lived for more than 38 000 species of crustaceans, 1 500 species of mollusks, over 700 species of fish, 300 species of sponges and a larger number of starfish, sea cucumbers and sea urchins. Also there are 5 species of sea turtles and mammals such as dolphin or the enigmatic manatee, in danger of extinction. recommends
Conditions for diving in Cuba
  • Water temperature: Between 24 º C and 28.5 º C. You can dive perfectly with lycra or neoprene suits of 3mm.
  • Horizontal average visibility: 30 m
  • Mild tides and low current on both coasts
Guarantees given by the diving centers in Cuba
  • Instructors trained in the specialties of underwater search and rescue, first aid and oxygen.
  • Liability Insurance.
  • First Aid and oxygenation.
  • radiotelephone communication.
  • Effective emergency procedures for evacuation in case of accidents.
General Regulations for scuba diving in Cuba
  • All dives are guided by diving instructors
  • You must show the international qualification for the level that the customer has
  • Prohibited the removal of any marine species.
Health Care
Cuba has a developed national health system. In the case of diving, we have the evacuation system and diving medicine specialized treatment, with its nationwide network of multi-seater hyperbaric chambers, extra-hospital and hospital.

The attention to divers is designed for any circumstance and covers the entire Cuban national territory. It operates 24 hours throughout the year, supplemented with other medical disciplines, therapies, hospitalizations, and Doppler ultrasonography for diagnosis.

Its services include transport (MAT), the Medical Emergency Integrated System(SIUM) and hyperbaric chambers (hyperbaric oxygen, BIBS System)